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José Rincon, Jr.

José Luis, affectionately known as “Guapo” was a lively and affectionate boy. He loved sports, especially basketball, and had an uncanny ability to remember sports stats. A talented musician, he was gifted in both singing and playing the violin and was a member of the group Mariachi Brillante. His kind spirit and affectionate personality made him a gift to everyone who knew him.

In 2008, fourteen-year-old José Luis was riding his bicycle with a friend when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver. José’s parents, Adriana and Jose, and sisters Paola, Gabriela and Julissa, endured a difficult journey in the wake of José’s death. Searching for support, they found Tu Nidito and enrolled in the Children to Children Grief Support program. At Tu Nidito, they attended support groups twice a month where they processed their vast emotions about José’s death and shared stories about “Guapo.”

Juli shares this: “I was 8-years-old when my brother died. He passed away in January 12th, 2008 and on this day my whole life had changed. It was one of the worst and most confusing days of my life. Being only 8 years old, I didn't really understand what had happened. I didn't know that I wouldn't get to see my brother again. I didn't know that from that day on, my family would change from being a family of 6, to a family of 5. That year, my family and I received much love and support from family and friends, but it was hard because none of them knew exactly what we had gone through. They didn't understand how truly hard it was. But that all changed when we began going to Tu Nidito. The first day I went, it was so amazing and eye opening. I finally felt like I belonged here again. I felt like I actually fit in and I wasn't ‘the girl who lost her brother.’ I was surrounded by kids my own age who had just recently gone through this tragic experience. I wasn't in this alone anymore. “

With time and support José’s family began to heal and embraced a life of giving back to the community in honor of their beloved “Guapo." The entire family remains actively involved at Tu Nidito as volunteers helping other families cope with tragedy and grief. The family has truly been a role model and inspiration for other families dealing with the unthinkable and trying to find a way through. Jose’s spirit lives on in the many lives he touched.

Unfortunately, my wife, Traci, and I never had the opportunity to meet José. We recently have gotten to know José’s family and are continually amazed and inspired by their courage and strength. I wanted to honor their son, José, by racing Ironman Tahoe and by raising funds to support Tu Nidito, the organization that has helped them, and many others, cope with the unimaginable.

Thank you for supporting Tu Nidito Children and Family Services, Inc. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.
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